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Car Ignition - Working and Mechanism

How Car Ignition Work?

Car Ignition system is the heart of any car and regular repair can keep your car away from ignition problem. It is the main part of the car which makes the car to start and run. Let's see how it works. Explosive fuel is the main component to start the engine of a car. A fine mist of that fuel is sprayed into the chambers, where sparks plug fire a very small burst of electricity, which causes an explosion.

This explosion push the piston down which provides a force for the wheel to push the car forward. The initial energy needed to start the car and keep the engine running is provided by car ignition system.

Ignition Switch

Car Ignition switch is the device in which we insert the car ignition key. It is situated on the dashboard or in the steering column near searing wheel. It has four positions to decide which electrical system will be turned on and off. First position is of "Accessories". By turning your car key towards "Accessories" you can turn on radio and adjust power window without starting the car's engine.

Second position is 'Off'. It's the default setting for all car ignition system. Some electrical system still work when the engine or ignition switch is off such as head lights, interior lights, power locks, but some work only when we turn on the ignition switch such radio, power window, air conditioner.

Third position is 'On'. This position will start all the remaining electrical systems and the engine. Computer systems, navigational equipments, dashboard lights and indicators will become on when you turn the car key towards 'On'. This is the utmost position before starting a car. On this position you can start all start and manage all systems without starting a car.

And the last position is just to start the engine. Drivers can start the car by turning the key to 'Ignition'. This position is spring loaded only to prevent ignition switch from burning. When driver turn the key and start the car after starting the key return to it's previous place that's 'on'.

These are the four position of ignition switch and description of their function. Ignition switch is the most important part of any vehicle and if get damaged then you can face many ignition related problems. So take care of your vehicles ignition switch and car ignition keys. If you need any ignition repair services or emergency services then just fill out the free estimate form, we will contact you shortly.

You can also check out our ignition problems page to get information about various problems and about safety tips while working with your vehicle. We train our technicians to make them capable for solving all sorts of ignition problems. We are working 24 hour to be available in your emergency circumstances.