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Car ignition system - Basic problems and advices

Followings are some basic car ignition problems and advices to solve them

Problem: Spark plug problem.

Advice: If spark plug is not giving any spark, then the only thing left to do is to clean up the spark plug with a dry piece of cotton cloth. Because in rainy days, sometimes due to presence of water inside plug, spark plugs doesn't spark. If still car is not starting, then call a car ignition specialist for detailed check up. And remember, DO NOT left your car parked outside when it's raining. Spark Plug Problems

Problem: Ignition switch & steering column heat up.

Advice: Check out ignition switch for corrosion, because when ignition switch comes in contact of corrosion, it cause resistance. Replacing your ignition switch will definitely solve your problem.

Problem: Engine over heat.

Advice: When we start a car, there is a controlled explosion occur inside the engine which emit large amount of heat. This high temperature is controlled by coolant. Sometimes no repairing from long time will cause improper working of this cooling system. Check coolant level and system time to time to avoid over heating problem.

Problem: Ignition switch heat up when you start the engine.

Advice: Problem is in your ignition switch. It may be because of loose connection or broken ignition switch wire. Changing the ignition switch can solve your problem.

Problem : Car start easily but when you turn the car off, it doesn't.

Advice : This ignition problem arises because of fault in the link of ignition lock and the switch. To solve this problem just replace the ignition switch and key tumbler assembly.

Problem : Engine won't start

Advice 1 : If your engine is not starting then check out your battery, it has to be charged sufficient to run the engine. There may be a problem of defective ignition wire which obstruct battery to supply the sufficient current to the engine. Repairing the car ignition switch or it's wiring will definitely help you.

Advice 2 : If your engine is ok, your battery is in working situation but your car still not starting then verify your key chain. Is you carrying weighted key chain? Too many keys in your key chain? Just remove all your keys form your key chain except the ignition key. It happens because parts inside ignition switch made up of plastic and when you carry heavy key chain it moves constantly back and forward which cause continuous damage in the ignition switch. After some time the ignition switch become malfunctioned and will need a replacement. So if your car is not starting then first check your key chain.

Problem : Battery is OK but car won't start

Advice : If your battery is ok but car making trouble in starting then there may be an ignition problem. Let's check out, turn the key on, but not to start, if the red warning light on dash light up then it means switch is ok if it doesn't then it means your ignition switch need a replacement.

Problem : Car start but only run a few seconds

Advice : If you are facing this problem then it means there is a problem in either in spark, compression or fuel. Check whether fuel tank is filled with fuel or not, compression is ok and spark is working properly. If any one of three is not ok then check for professional ignition services in your area and call them