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Car Ignition USA - Ignition system services

Serving car ignition installation and repair 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our experienced and highly skilled car technicians and specialists work 365 days throughout the year.

We provide 15 minutes response services at competitive rates in your area. Our technicians and experts are equipped with latest tools to provide error free and better ignition services like ignition system repair, ignition replacement and installation, lock repair, broken key extraction and many more. Also providing car ignition safety tips for your safety.
  • Ignition switch replacement - services to replace ignition switch which are not functioning properly.
  • Repairing ignition switch - providing services to repair ignition system, ignition switches, ignition lock, ignition system wiring and all remaining ignition system parts.
  • Ignition switch installation - services for installation of new car ignition switch, car ignition system and ignition lock.
  • Key tumblers and Switches - we are also offering services for key tumbler installation and repair and switches installation.
  • Ignition system maintenance - also providing services for the maintenance of the ignition system.
  • Emergency ignition system services - serving emergency services with 15 minutes response in order to help those car drivers whose car ignition is making a big trouble.
  • Ignition lock repair - serving ignition lock repair services to help you out from your ignition problem.
  • Broken key extraction - offering services to extract the car ignition keys broken inside the lock and making the new one.
  • Transponders and Vat keys - providing transponder and vat keys and all its repair, replacement and installation services.
  • Making duplicate Keys - Providing services for making new and duplicate ignition lock keys
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