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Car Ignition - Repairing & maintenance - Safety Tips

  1. Before driving on snow, assure that tires have 6/32 inches deep thread. It will provide you more grip on snow.
  2. When glass get translucent, run your air conditioner to defrost interior window.
  3. In winter season or in snow, check your lights. It will not only beneficial for you but also for others. They will be able to see you clearly from long distances.
  4. If you are feeling sleepy, then don't attempt to drive because it will increase the chances of crash dramatically. It is better to let anyone else with you to drive.
  5. If you are taking any drugs, especially anti diabetics, DO NOT try to drive your vehicle by yourself because many anti-diabetics produce drowsiness.
  6. If you are feeling sleepy while driving, drive your vehicle to the roadside and let someone else with you to drive. When traveling on a long trip, take light meals, if you eat heavy you will feel sleepy which will increase the chances of accident.
  7. Don't receive or make any call while driving, it will disturb your mind and as a result you can lost control on vehicle. If you really want to make a call, park your vehicle beside road and complete your conversation.
  8. Before start driving make sure that everyone in the car buckled properly. If you have children with you told them to sit on the backseat.
  9. Don't eat while driving, you can lose attention on road traffic. Same goes to reading and shaving, etc.
  10. WAIT! - Not feeling well? Feeling tired and sleepy? So don't try to do repair work because you may get hurt. Don't work underneath the vehicle if you are not physically able - let the car ignition repair or other work beside - Work only when you are feeling well or call for professional ignition services in your area because work is not as important as you are.
  11. Be careful - do not smoke when working near any fuel containing part, it may catch fire and can cause a big accident. If you have to smoke, if you really want to do, do it before or after work.
  12. While working with parts that contain fuel, then always keep a fire extinguisher nearby - Before starting work on the car ignition or any of the other problems, notify someone in your home you're about to do so, and give them an emergency number in case anything goes wrong.
  13. Always be careful and cautious while working to solve ignition problems or near battery - it may catch fire - don't try to weld parts near battery with bare hands because it may burn or damage your skin.
  14. Are you planning to work under the vehicle? Don't attempt repairing or applying maintenance work under a vehicle that's not supported properly. Keep your working environment as safe as possible, make sure that your vehicle is supported properly. Secondly, keep someone beside you for help while working underneath the car, only then can you begin working.
  15. It is very dangerous to work underneath a vehicle, whether it is your car or other vehicle. Always wear helmet while working underneath the vehicle. It can protect your head from any uncertainty and also from minor scratches.